About the Journal

SAINTIFIKA ISLAMICA: Jurnal Kajian Keislaman, p-ISSN 2407-053X, Is a journal for types of scientific publications in the Religious Studies and Islamic Education, published every six months by the Postgraduate Program of UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten. The first edition was published in June 2014. The journal focuses more on various dimensions of Religious Studies and Islamic Education with the scope limited to the following topics: Development of Democracy and Moderation of Islam in Indonesia; Globalization and Contemporary Religious Social Phenomena; Islamic spirituality, religious values, and local wisdom issues; Islamic Education Evaluation, Policy and Curriculum; Islam, Humanitarian, Philosophy, and Justice Gender Relations; Islamic Economic Systems, pre modern muslim thought in criticism and disputes on economy, property, markets, banking and finance; Scientific Development in Islamic Higher Education; Science, Social, Technology and Islam Integration; Syaria Law, Bahstul Masail and contemporary Islamic Juridisprudence (fiqh) Review; The Book of Turas and the Ancient Manuscript of the Archipelago Islamic Scholars. The Manuscript should be written in Indonesian or English and have never been published or is not in the process of submission for publication to other media and does not contain elements of plagiarism. This journal is published biannually in June and December.