Focus and Scope

SAINTIFIKA ISLAMICA: Jurnal Kajian Keislaman Is a journal for types of scientific publications in the Religious Studies and Islamic Education.


  • Religious Studies and Islamic Education


  • Development of Democracy and Moderation of Islam in Indonesia;
  • Globalization and Contemporary Religious Social Phenomena;
  • Islamic spirituality, religious values, and local wisdom issues;
  • Islamic Education Evaluation, Policy and Curriculum;
  • Islam, Humanitarian, Philosophy, and Justice Gender Relations;
  • Islamic Economic Systems, pre modern muslim thought in criticism and disputes on economy, property, markets, banking and finance;
  • Scientific Development in Islamic Higher Education;
  • Science, Social, Technology and Islam Integration;
  • Syaria Law, Bahstul Masail and contemporary Islamic Juridisprudence (fiqh) Review;
  • The Book of Turas and the Ancient Manuscript of the Archipelago Islamic Scholars;