Focus and Scope

Saintifika Islamica, journal of Islamic studies and humanities, publishes articles on Islamic Studies and Humanities from various perspectives, covering both literary and fieldwork studies. The journal gives emphasis on aspects related to Islamic studies, with special reference to Islam and Local Culture:

  • Development of Democracy and Moderation of Islam in Indonesia;
  • Globalization and Contemporary Religious Social Phenomena;
  • Islamic spirituality, religious values, and local wisdom issues;
  • Islamic Education Evaluation, Policy and Curriculum;
  • Islam, Humanitarian, Philosophy, and Justice Gender Relations;
  • Islamic Economic Systems, pre modern muslim thought in criticism and disputes on economy, property, markets, banking and finance;
  • Scientific Development in Islamic Higher Education;
  • Science, Social, Technology and Islam Integration;
  • Syaria Law, Bahstul Masail and contemporary Islamic Juridisprudence (fiqh) Review;
  • The Book of Turas and the Ancient Manuscript of the Archipelago Islamic Scholars;

Saintifika Islamica always places Islamic Studies and Humanities in the central focus of academic inquiry, and invites any comprehensive observation of Islamic expressions with various dimensions. The journal, serving as a forum for the study of Islamic Studies and Humanities, supports focused studies of particular themes and interdisciplinary studies in relation to the subject. It has become a medium of exchange of ideas and research findings from various traditions of learning that have interacted in the scholarly manner.