Author Guidelines


A manuscript is a scientific paper in the form of narratives such as a scientific article, research results, or a conceptual idea related to Philosophy, Theology, and Sufism Studies written in English or Indonesian or Arabic, and is an original work (no plagiarism), and has never been published in other media proven by a stamped statement;

The manuscript is uploaded via the website following the procedure of loading manuscript;



The manuscript is written a maximum of 5000 words using font Times New Roman, size 12 with 1.5 spacing (for English and Indonesian), and Sakkal Majalla font size 14 with 1 spacing (for Arabic), on A4 paper Use Journal Template!

Systematics of scriptwriting research results include:



The title uses an effective sentence with a maximum of 15 words and described the contract number and source of research funding.

Author’s Name

The author's name listed without the title



Listed e-mail should be active because of the correspondence by e-mail.

Abstract and Keywords

Abstract explicitly includes problems, research methods, and a summary of the result. The abstract is single-spaced typed in English and Bahasa maximum of 150 words, at least 3 words, and a maximum of 5 words, and arranged according to the alphabet.

  1. Introduction

The introduction should include three things: (1) the problem being studied; (2) the urgency of raising the issue; and (3) the way the researcher addresses the issue.

  1. Methods

The researcher outlines the methodology or methods used in discussing related issues. For example, the researcher briefly outlines the approach or perspective used briefly (while if the researcher can fully describe the perspective or approach in a new subheading).

  1. Result and Discussion

in this section include new findings that become the novelty of the manuscript or study. Also in this section contains an analysis of the findings using the theoretical framework of the approach that has been determined in the sub method.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion should state: (1) the answer to the research question; (2) the main argument; (3) a critical understanding of the main issues discussed.