Teori Dasar Maharatul Istima’ dan Pengajarannya Di Perguruan Tinggi


  • Alam Budi Kusuma
    STAI Masjid Syuhada Yogyakarta
  • Muhamad Fathoni STAI Masjid Syuhada Yogyakarta
  • Cahya Edi Setyawan STAI Masjid Syuhada Yogyakarta
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Listening skill is one of the important points in language teaching. In teaching Arabic (listening) it becomes the first element of competence. Listening is receptive efficiency. So listening is important in college. Every student must have an unconscious understanding of this proficiency. The research method is to search the libraries with a qualitative approach. The methods of data collection are interviews and bibliography research and then concluded for a new thesis. Language acquisition is based on the theory of listening in Qur'anic verses, the theory of language acquisition devices, the theory of perception, the theory of motivational response, and the theory of the linguistic environment. The main thing is that listening is part of language acquisition. The listening skill theory has evolved from linguistics theory to the theory of receptive language teaching, which is the overall psychological response, the natural approach, and the silent period. The stages or stages of the skill of hearing in higher education are the use of the standard Arabic standard (Arabic standard) which refers to ACTFL and MSA, which is then applied in the unit book. Examples of higher education unit books are TOSA and ALBA.


Listening Skill, ACTFL, MSA


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