About the Journal

This 1st Annual International Symposium on Arabic Language, Culture and Literature (AISALL) held by Bahasa dan Sastra Arab Department in Ushuluddin and Adab Faculty UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten Campus had been conducted to provide an international forum to present, discuss and exchange innovative idea and recent development in the field of Arabic Language, Culture and Literature.

This proceeding compiles all the articles of the participants presented in the parallel session after they had the main symposium in the main hall. This proceeding hopefully can contribute some thought and solution to the society especially Arabic Language, Culture and Literature based on the social needs to answer the 4.0 industrial era challenges.

The articles in this proceeding are clustered based on the topics discussed, namely Arabic Language, Arabic Culture and Arabic Literature. Since then this international symposium and the proceeding entitled the International Symposium on Arabic Language, Culture and Literature.

Efforts taken by peer reviewers contributed to improving the quality of papers provided constructive critical comments, improvements, and corrections to the authors are gratefully appreciated. We are very grateful to the International Advisory Committee, session chairs, students volunteers and administrative assistants who selflessly contributed to the success of this symposium. Also, we are thankful to all authors who submitted papers, because of which the symposium became a story of success. It was the quality of their presentations and their passion to communicate with the other participants that really made this symposium series a grand success.