Focus and Scope

Lembaran Masyarakat: Jurnal Pengembangan Masyarakat Islam is the peer-reviewed journal of the Islamic community development studies. Lembaran Masyarakat is devoted to improving knowledge and practice in the field of purposive community change. The mission of the journal is to advance critical theory, research, and practice in all domains of community development, including social development & policy, social welfare, religious & ecotourism, socio-culture & environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and Islamic philanthropy.

The journal welcomes manuscripts that report research; evaluate theory, methods, and techniques; examine community problems; or critically analyze the profession itself. Articles may address current issues including the environment and sustainability; Islamic institution development; religious tourism tradition; poverty; race, ethnicity and gender; participation and social justice; economic development; housing; philanthropy; and other important topics of the field study.