Call for Muamalatuna Journal Editorial Board Members


Publication media for Scientific Works such as journals are effective tools in order to disseminate science and technology, then through the scientific process, the editorial activity is needed.
The aim is to recruit several new members with such experience in the journal based on open journal system (OJS).

Muamalatuna Journal (Journal of Sharia Economic Law) State Islamic University of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten Indonesia which focused on: Islamic Business Law, Islamic Business Ethics, and Islamic Economic Thought.
We are interested in recruiting new members who have prior experience of working in, research, and publication of article journal.

Job status: part time
Working style: Web-based
Working language: English
Payment: voluntary job, no payment

To apply for editorial board membership, please complete this form by July 30, 2022.
Form of Application for Muamaltuna's Editorial Board Member

Thank you for good cooperation, can't wait to hear from you, and it will become a very meaningful contribution to the existence and quality improvement of the Muamalatuna Journal.

Editor in Chief Muamalatuna Journal
Dr. Dedi Sunardi