• ATU KAROMAH IAIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten


This article focuses on the causes of the radicalism of religions which sometimes perform violence. The modern thinkers believe that religion will fade and loss its role in a society when the society develops to be a modern society. They also believe that the advancement of various sciences will make religion as merely the past inheritance of human being that will be lost along with the development of modernization. Therefore, the social scientist generally believe that 'the death of religion' from human life all over the world is marking the time. The emergence of radicalism of religion in the social and political life of contemporary society is caused by various closely related factors. The radicalism of religion is indicated by the attitude of several adherents who perform denial to human values by performing harshness and terrorism. The adherents of a religion frequentfy assume that they are the only right ones without any compromise, non-history, and anti-dialogues in understanding the holy texts so that they are labeled as fundamentalists, extremists, radicalists, and so on. There are many factors causing emergence of radicalism of religion such as politics, social, economy, culture and theology.

Key Words: Radicalism, crisis of modernity, fundamentalism


Jan 31, 2019
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